U.S. Street Nationals 2021

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

This past weeks U.S. Street Nationals Outlaw 632 class was interesting to say the least but, here is a run down of went down. Chris Holdorf, started off where he left off last season running a personal best qualifying number 1 with a 4.148. After, qualifying was over Mike Murphy broke and that allowed Jordan Ensslin to come in as an alternate. The first round pitted Chris Holdorf against Jordan Ensslin with Holdorf taking the win running a 4.16 to Ensslins 4.406. Bob Starr beat Ken Kershaw with a 4.28 to Kerahaws 5.074. Darly Stewart beat Travis running a 4.231 to Travis’s 5.242. Wes Distefano beat out Edwards with a 4.214 to Edwards 4.554. Lannigan had a broken cam after qualifying and was able to find one and get everything back together for 1st round. He was able to take out Birchfield with a 4.22 not knowing how the car would perform. Huffman and Sellers both went RED -.042 Huffman was able to take the victory in a strange double red light. Voss defeated Pupa with a 4.31. Naumann ran a stellar pass beating Lastinger with a 4.340 the only car on small tires. Round two was not crazy Holdorf defeated Starr, Distefano over took Stewart, Lannigan took out the high winding NA car of Huffman, and Voss won over Naumann. That would be the end of the normal rounds. The SEMI final rounds was Holdorf VS Distefano and Voss VS Lannigan. Lannigan and Voss was the first pair out, Voss fired up and did his burnout Lannigan was unable to fire. After, the burnout Voss’s car stopped running and he was not able to get it cracked to take the light under power. So both Voss and Lannigan were disqualified. That meant the next race would be for the win. Holdorf the team car to Lannigan had the same issue no spark plugs. As time ticked away his team frantically went and found the parts to get his car together in the nick of time. Literally, he comes around does a short burnout and the front end falls off the car. Luck for him Wes Distefano is a class act and waited for them to put the front end back on the car. Unfortunately, for Wes his car broke shortly after the launch and Holdorf took the victory and the by run in the final round. This weekend just proves that anything can happen on race day. You just have to show up to find out.

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