PDRA PRO632 Summer Shootout

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

An amazing first round of PDRA Pro632 racing presented by Shameless Racing. Cory Voss pulled up to the starting ling smoking like a freight train to face Chris Holdorf. Holdorf left him there running a 4.34 to C.Voss’s 4.53. Second, pair out was Watler Lannigan and JR Ward. Ward took advantage at the starting line leaving Lannign at the light. Ward won with a 4.36 holeshot win over Lannigan’s 4.28. The third pair out was Jordan Ensslin and Stu Beaden, Ensslin won with a 4.28 over Beaden’s 4.60. Forth pair out was Michael Naumann and Dillion Voss, Naumann’s issues continued and D.Voss took advantage running a 4.20 to Naumanns 4.20. The fifth pair out was Wes Distefano and Sam Freels, Sam still having issues at the starting line rolled right into the lights. Wes won the round with a 4.23 over Sams 4.56 and extended his point lead over Walter Lannigan. The final car out was Jim Pelcarsky in his camaro running a 4.19 @170 mph fastest past of the round.

Next round.

Jim Pelcarsky | Chris Holdorf

Dillion Voss | Jordan Ensslin

Wes Distefano | Jr ward

The quarter final round started off with Wes Distefano against Jr Ward. Mr. Ward tried hard but, came up short running a 4.369 to Mr. Distefano’s 4.255. The next paring was Jordan Ensslin against Dillon Voss. Jordan was able to drill Dillon on the tree a .012 to Dillon’s .046 however, his Voss Racing powered Corvette was able to pass him running a 4.201 to Jordan’s 4.261. The final part out of for the round was Chris Holdorf and Jim Pelcarsky. Chris tried hard running a 4.236 however, Jim mowed down the tree running a 4.172.

SEMI Final Match Ups

Jim Pelcarsky | Dillion Voss

Wes Distefano | BYE

Mr. Distefano was the first car out for the semifinal round he ran a stout 4.235 at 171.10 mph. The second pair out was Jim Pelcarsky and Dillion Voss. Dillion tried hard to make up the power disadvantage on the starting line but tried a little to hard and went red. Mr. Pelcarsky caught the score boards on fire running a 4.127 at 172.67 setting a new national record in the PRO632 class.


Jim Pelcarsky | Wes Distefano

The final round was won by Mr. Jim Pelcarsky running a 4.153 to Mr. Wes Distefano’s 4.220. All eyes was on Jim and his Camaro running consistently in the teens every pass. However, there is a lot to say about Wes Distefano and the Shameless Racing team. 4 races 4 final round appearances he may have not won yet this year but, has put some padding to his 1 position in the points.

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